Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wow. I haven't posted in forever.

I truly didn't realize it had been so long. Sorry.

Let's see. What have we been doing? Ummm... well we all got sick again. It was a boomerang kind of a cold. Or maybe we just picked up new germs while at the doctor's office.

Other than that I've been shopping a lot. I got that tax money I'd mentioned and went out and bought socks and undies for everyone. I know, boring. But when money is tight I avoid buying things we don't NEED. So if your socks get worn thin or your undies have a stain... well then you don't technically Need new ones. But after they all get worn and ugly, you really want them. Thus my big sock splurge.

I also got Zaven a ton of new clothes. Zaven has been a slob since he was about 7. He never looks in the mirror, never cares about how others see him, and never bothers to make sure his clothes match or look decent. But about a week ago he suddenly started showing an interest. Since the rare event of us having extra money coincided with the even rarer event of Zaven wanting nice clothes, I bought him a bunch of stuff. It felt good. And he looks really, really nice.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Catching up

After having spent all last week either sick or taking care of someone who was sick, our house is totally trashed. So this weekend Scott took Zaven and Quinn over to his mom's house. Quinn is right at the age where he makes it impossible to get things done. If you're distracted by cleaning something, he uses that time to make another (larger) mess. Anyhow, the end result of this is that it's only girls in the house today.

Caly and Zoe are 8 years apart in age. Sometimes they don't get along because of that. It's too easy for them to fall into the parent/child roles. And even when they are acting as equals, they don't exactly share interests. But sometimes, every now and then, they get along perfectly. I've got my fingers crossed that today will be one of those days. They need it.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spending money

Well, it's been kind of a sucky week. Zaven had his wisdom teeth pulled and got a dry socket. The other kids and I all had colds and felt crappy. And despite the fact that Zaven was finally able to get his learner's permit (aka Dr. Lisc), he's not been able to drive because he's been on painkillers all week.

BUT... we did get our taxes done. That's a huge deal for us. Ours are usually complicated and time consuming. But since we have four kids all living at home, we usually get some money back. This year we lucked out. The taxes weren't complicated AND we're getting back a bit more than we usually do. So, that leaves us with a little bit of spending money.

As you probably already know, I'm one of those coupon loving freaks who tries to go to the store and get a few hundred dollars worth of stuff for 57 cents after taxes. Sometimes I even manage to do that. I get all my shampoo and toothpaste and deodorant for free and have boxes of toiletries that I got for free in storage in the basement. So what does someone like me do when I have extra money?

Well, it's kind of complicated. Part of me really, really wants to just go crazy and splurge on whatever it is I want at the moment. After all, I'm always scrimping and saving and squirreling away. I deserve to get to spend this money. It won't be coming out of our regular budget. It's more like a prize we won.

Of course another part of me knows that even if we don't need extra money right at this moment, we eventually will need it. We don't have much in the way of an emergency fund right now. On top of that, even if we did have an emergency fund, there are dozens of other things that this money could do that would really have a positive impact on our lives. We could put it in an IRA, invest in some much needed home repairs, or buy a more fuel efficient car.

So... what will it be? Frugal or fun?

Both. Last year we paid off an old bank loan. This year I'll be paying off my credit card. I like to be debt-free. It means I never have to worry about late fees, LOL. But I don't owe much, so I'll still have most of the money left over. Most of that will be just put in the bank. But some of the money will be for fun. I like fun. I'm thinking that maybe Scott and I will go on a weekend trip without the kids. We haven't had a vacation without kids along in over a decade.

So my only questions are, where will we go and what kind of a deal can I get on our hotel room?