Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I don't get to take too many pictures of the kids while they're asleep. Zoe (seen here on the sheets we tie-dyed for her while I was pregnant) can tell in her sleep if you're looking at her. You can be in the room banging pots and pans together and she'll be fine, but the minute you actually look at her she starts screaming. So that picture is probably the last sleeping picture I've got of her. It's hard to believe it was taken almost four years ago.

Caly has always loved sleep. She was the only baby I ever heard of who LIKED to be laid down in a crib. She's smile this huge smile, sigh deeply, and work her shoulders into the matress. Then she'd just close her eyes and go to sleep. I think she gets a love of sleep from me. We took this picture in a hotel room, because it's easy getting sleeping pictures when their bed is right across from yours, but I swear I could probably go upstairs right now and film a movie complete with sound effects and extras and she wouldn't wake up.

This picture of Zaven sleeping is an old one, too. But then again, he doesn't sleep much at all. He never has. Even as a baby he always stayed up late and woke up early. And he was cheerful and energetic, too. He gets up a half hour to an hour before he needs to in the mornings so that he can read and have some time to himself. I KNOW he didn't get that from me.

Quinn can fall asleep in the course of about a minute. That's not to say that he always goes to sleep quick. Just that when he's tired, it's like someone turned off a switch. He's fallen asleep in his high chair, the floor, and the toddler swing on the swing set this week alone. I swear I'm not just keeping him up late. If you put him in his crib he doesn't go to sleep. Apparently it's more relaxing if you're in the middle of the action than if you're stuck somewhere that you can't see what's going on.

Scott loves this picture of Quinn the best of all our sleeping pictures because he looks like a pirate baby. Too little to have a knife in his teeth, he settled for a spoon. He actually has a pirate hat, too. And (when awake) he shouts, "YAR!!!" all the time, so he's well on his way to being a full-fledged pirate one day.

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