Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why we do what we do.

I volunteer. A lot. I can't help myself. I agree to do things because I know they need done and I worry that no one else will do it. And Scott is the same way. He was the cub scout pack leader for a year after Zaven was out of scouts just because no one else would do it and he didn't want it to fall apart. But we have a reason. We do what we do because it's the right thing.

This summer, Scott worked for Upward Bound, just as he does every summer. And just like every other year, he and I both put our hearts into trying to make this a wonderful experience for his students. And one of the things we got to do was invite some of the kids over for a cookout. when they got here, Zoe immediately told them it was time to play in the sandbox. So all of them went to the sandbox and played with her.

It's funny, I know. But it also breaks my heart a little. Some of the kids in this program are not appreciated by their families. A few are not really even wanted. They come from broken homes, poverty, or worse. And we, the big we, not just our family, or the program, or the donors, but all of us, everyone who cares and tries and gives of themselves... We try to make the world a little better for them. Because despite the fact that they are three times as tall as Zoe, they are just kids. Kids playing in a sandbox.


Tara said...

That is awesome, if more people were like you, the world would be a better place. I bet Zoe loved every minute of it- I know Saige would, she loves when big kids listen to her, lol.

Karen said...

She did love it. And when her bedtime came she went around the circle and hugged each one of them