Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The good and the bad

First for the bad news. The TV isn't worth fixing. The part needed costs more than a new one. So that pretty much means we won't be watching much TV the next few weeks. I do want to get one, and I do want a nice big expensive one. If I have a big one, I'm less likely to go to the movies. Taking a family of six to the movies every other week for a year would cost over $1000 just for the tickets. Add in popcorn and sodas and gas to get there and the price skyrockets. I'd rather take that same money and buy a TV, pay for satellite service, some redbox rentals, and some popcorn I popped on the stove. But it's gonna bite having to come up with the money.

The good news is that Zaven got his ACT scores back and he did quite well. I'm not gonna post them here because they're his to brag about, but I'm happy and proud of him. Hopefully, this will mean the chance to go to a nice school and maybe get some scholarships to help pay for it.


LuckyOnce said...

Congrats to Zaven on his scores.

Sorry to hear about the T.V. It really stinks that it's just out of warranty!! Good luck with picking out the new one.

Azaera said...

Grats Zaven! And good luck with the TV, we have a 32 inch and that's big enough for me, we justified buying it because Skyler's low vision means that having a small tv would be impossible for him to watch.

Tara said...

Hold out til black friday, maybe you can find a great TV deal. I think it's that posts all the ads early. No tv sucks :( Congrats to Zaven!