Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Every year as Christmas approaches, I hear adults talking about believing in Santa. Mostly, they're worried that their kids will stop believing or wondering how to handle it when their kids ask them if they believe. And I always think the same thing. Because unlike most adults, I actually DO believe in Santa. And not just the spirit-of-Santa generosity BS that I hear adults start to degrade into when they don't want to 'fess up that they don't really believe. I mean I believe in the reindeer-wrangling, sleigh-riding, chimney-climbing Santa that defies all the laws of physics and visits every child in the world in a single night. And I KNOW that I believe because the first year that I was married, Scott and I spent Christmas eve at his mom's house. We were sound asleep when a noise woke me up. Wide awake. Suddenly. And the first thing that I thought was, "Santa!"

Of course the next thing that I thought was, "duh!" But even so, there's no denying. I believe.

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maidto5 said...

Me too!!

this year I cut out the Macy's advertisement with the reprint of the suns letter to Virgina. I plan on framing it and using it as part of my Christmas decorations.