Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Joe vs. Steve

It's a full out Blue's Clues war here. Quinn loves the show, but will only watch the episodes with Joe. That makes sense. He's three and three-year-olds don't like change. The problem is that Caly HATES Joe. With a flaming passion. And she's thirteen!

Meanwhile, I'm getting over my cold and still clearing junk out of the house. It's amazing to me how little of it we miss once it's gone. It makes sense though. The stuff that we're purging is stuff that's buried behind and under the stuff we use. It's the extras shirts in the dresser drawer that you shove aside to get to the shirt you love. So when it's gone, the drawer is a little roomier, but you don't miss the shirts. So I just keep reminding myself that somewhere out there is someone who would really love to have that shirt or those pants or that extra casserole dish. I'm donating all our extras to Goodwill, in part because I live too far from town for a yard sale to be profitable, and in part because I shop at Goodwill. I like finding a sweet deal when I'm there and I imagine that my old stuff will be a sweet deal for someone else.


Azaera said...

We've been doing the same things, trying to purge a lot of stuff. I've given a lot to charities. I hope it will help others in need.

Tara said...

I was so sad when steve left, but I grew to like Joe.

Glad your house is coming along I need some ambition to do mine, or at least a kid free day. This little here and there stuff just isn't cutting it. I need some free time to purge it all at once : )