Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring, with new life everywhere...

So new life is just busting out all over the place here. We have kittens, puppies, calves, toddlers, fleas, termites, and even a very upset mouse.

Most of that is good, right?

Let's see... the puppies are adorable but they won't stop peeing on the porch. The kittens are just plain adorable. The calves aren't technically ours. We lease out the land to the guy who owns them. But I like to see them anyway. The fleas may be real and may be just Caly's imagination. But she got a few bug bites and is blaming the cat. The termites haven't caused any damage yet because they just hatched out today. But they're freaking me out. I do NOT want termite damage on top of everything else wrong with my 80 year old house. Scott is going to buy bug bombs tomorrow and we'll set them off while the older kids are in school later in the week. We'll also be buying poisons to put down around the house. So I know it will be taken care of... but I won't be happy until the fleas and termites are all dead.

The mouse I almost feel sorry for. I mentioned in my last post how we'd had a crazy couple of weeks and had put off all the mundane chores like keeping up with the dishes and laundry. Well apparently that's when the mouse moved in. But over the weekend we cleaned the house and got caught back up on the dishes. So late last night I went to the kitchen sink to wash my hands. The counters are all clean, with any non-mouse-proof foods like bread or open cereal boxes put in the fridge. We live in an old farm house and mice are a common hazard. So the only thing in the sink is a couple of empty glasses and a cooking pot. When I turned on the water a mouse jumped out from behind the pot and ran back behind the microwave. It must have gone looking for food in the sink because the rest of the kitchen is clean. I told the kids about it and said "Can you imagine how he felt? When he moved in there was food everywhere. Then he took a nap and when he woke up, it was a barren wasteland." Despite feeling bad for him, I will still be buying traps when I get to the store next. Too bad the kittens aren't old enough for the job.

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