Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good grief! They want you to pay what???

For Zoe's birthday I bought a bunch of Littlest Pet Shop toys both for her gift and for party favors for the few friends coming over. We decided to open the packages and put them in baggies beforehand because I know from experience that it's almost impossible to get those things out of their packaging in a hurry. When we opened the boxes, we saw that there were collector stickers inside and an offer to get a free toy platypus (about 2 inches tall) if you send in 8 stickers. Then we read the fine print and realized you had to BUY a collector's diary to get a form to send in the stickers. The diary comes with a toy pet, too. But still, you have to pay money to get it. So we decided we'd just look online at Amazon and see how much just the platypus cost. $27.95! And it's marked down from $39.99! And you have to pay shipping! Good grief that's insane!


jennohara said...

Haha!! Makes ya wonder what people are thinking sometimes! Who would ever pay that?!

Azaera said...

Kids toys are so over rated and way over priced. My kid (well I know he's a toddler, but whatever) is more interested in boxes and crinkly cellophane paper than he is in half his toys. Sad really when you think how much we pay for toys and the kid likes the box more.

Of course as they get older it's the peer pressure thing. If all their friends have hamsters then they want them too so they can fit in.