Saturday, July 24, 2010

The heat.

It's soooo hot here. It was over 100 actual temperature today and very humid on top of that. We just have a window A/C at home and it's just not cutting it. Even running full out, the house is just uncomfortably warm. And the forecast just keeps calling for more and more heat. I'm starting to think that global warming really sucks!

On the plus side, tomorrow is when Upward Bound ends and Zaven comes home. I know he's technically not that far away, but I missed him. I'm used to seeing my kids every day so it's hard to have him leave for 7 or 8 weeks every summer. Plus this summer has just been so overwhelming. I want things to be more normal. That means having Zaven around.

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Azaera said...

Yeah our weather here is messed up too, it's either too hot, or thunderstorms. Right now, thunderstorms, earlier today too hot. I'm glad Zaven is coming home! Tough when your kids are away.