Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finally! A nice day.

So far 2009 has been a wild year, and we're not even two weeks into it. Everything from kidney stones to dead goldfish. But today was actually a nice day. The house is still a wreck from Christmas. Heck, I still have decorations up! But there wasn't much choice. I've felt bad for a week. So today I sent Scott over to his mom's house with Caly and the babies while Zaven and I stayed home to clean up and try to get a little progress. We didn't get a whole lot done, but we did have a nice time. We mostly tried to keep the laundry going and take the trash out and stuff like that. I have about 25 loads left to go. But the dishes are caught up and that's always nice. Anyhow, we worked a few hours (not much cause I just couldn't seem to get in gear) and then I decided to just spend some time with him. We've really not got to see each other much lately and he'll be leaving home in just a few years. And no, I don't expect him to boomerang. Caly probably will, but Zaven loves being away from home. He was gone all summer at Upward Bound and called me once. Once. And only then cause I made him promise. So I decided to just spend the evening doing stuff he wanted to do.

I signed him up for his own blog (the Zaven files ) and helped him tweak the colors by editing the html. Then I took him to town to hit a few stores that he's been begging to go to for months. We hit the book store and the arts and crafts store and stopped by Blockbuster to rent a few movies. We got The Matrix and Hancock. We both have the exact same taste in books and movies so I knew he'd love them. Then we stopped by the grocery to get a few of his favorite foods for dinner and came home.

So, the house is not much cleaner, and life is not much saner, but I got to goof off with my son and that made it a very nice day.