Sunday, January 4, 2009

Maybe, just maybe, a little bit better.

Well today sucked just as bad as yesterday or the day before, but it seems to be turning around in the last hour or two. I woke up this morning with a cold sore, probably brought about by a combination of stress and the endless sneezing and nose blowing I did while cleaning under Caly's bed. The day progressed with abdominal cramps and general malaise. In other words, I felt like shit all day. But after finally figuring out that I was probaby dehydrated (despite drinking a half gallon of water) I drank even more water and felt a lot better. So I headed upstairs to help Caly some more.

She and Zaven had made a lot of progress cleaning her room so I sent Zaven to watch the babies while I took a turn helping. Under her bed was already done, as were the drawers in her dresser, her bookcase, and most of the pile of junk we'd pulled out from under the bed. I left Caly to the pile since it was the dustiest part, and I tackled her toyboxes. I emptied them both into the floor then started putting the stuffed animals back in. I got through all the animals and got down to just the knickknacks and doodads. I shoved all that stuff into the pile she was going through since none of it belonged loose in the toybox. Looking around, I realized there wasn't much left that we hadn't sorted. This posed a problem since that meant we were running out of places the DS could be. There was only one corner of the room we hadn't been through. It has a small covered bin in which she keeps some of her clothes and her overnight duffle bag on top of it. I could see a few papers had fallen behind the bin so I knew she hadn't cleaned there. I told her to check that area before I headed back down to get dinner started. She said that she knew what was in it since it was all clothes. But I told her that Quinn might have shoved the DS in there and she needed to check anyway. So she lifted the duffle and there it was! Hooray! I'm so relieved. But the thing is, the duffle was full. I don't think Quinn could have lifted it, and I know Zoe wouldn't have bothered with it since there weren't any toys in the area. Caly is certain of where she put the DS so I know she didn't accidentally set the duffle (which has sat right there for weeks) on top of it. So that only leaves one scenario. The friend who was visiting hid it there when he realized that we'd be going through his stuff to look for it. He knew he couldn't take it home and it was too risky to put it back where he'd gotten it so he put it in her room hoping we'd eventually find it.

Edit: I forgot to add that Scott was able to figure out the problem with the dishwasher so it's working now. So maybe things really are getting better?

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