Monday, January 19, 2009

Lazy days

I'm still getting over my latest cold. Zoe seems to have discovered an endless supply of fresh germs at Preschool because I've pretty much been sick non-stop since she started. But today was kind of nice anyway. Scott had taken all the kids except Zaven over to his mom's house for the long weekend. Zaven stayed here basically to take care of me. But I didn't really need it today. I'm at that stage of the cold where you feel fine... as long as you're not doing anything. So I stayed in bed all day reading Gregor the Overlander, one of Caly's favorite books. I did do some productive things. I folded the laudry for Zaven to put away. And I clipped coupons from yesterday's paper. But mostly I just rested. I forgot how good it feels to be well rested.

Tomorrow I have shopping to do and errands to run and children to watch, but today it was enough to just sit and rest.

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