Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog's Day

Well, I don't know about the groundhogs because I haven't seen any all day, but I didn't get frightened of my shadow today. I did, however, watch my all time favorite kid's video, "I Hog The Ground" on Jack's Big Music Show. I love that video. I love the song, too. But the video is just perfect. I have decided that I need one of the I heart ground T-shirts. If you missed it, here's the link:

You can zoom in on the video by holding down the control key while you use the scroll wheel on your mouse. It's also on youtube but the quality's not as good.

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Eboni said...

You have just received the Lemonade Award. Stop by my blog to pick it up by copying the picture, picking ten blogs you like and posting it on your blog. I received mine this morning for posting the cornbread recipe. We are supposed to share.