Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just so I remember...

An assortment of things that made me laugh:

The kids were in the car the other day and a volkswagon beetle went passed. So Zaven saw if first and shouted, "Red punchbuggy, Caly. No punch back!" She punchbuggied me, then I punchbuggied Zoe who doesn't know what a punchbuggy looks like but likes to be included anyway. (I have a rule that they aren't allowed to really punch, they can only tap each other lightly.) Zoe just shouted "Red punchbuggy, no punch back!" to the world and then Quinn looked up and said, "Munchy-punchy, no munch back."

This morning Zaven (15) was helping Zoe (4) get dressed for school while I was trying to take care of Quinn, who was extra fussy because he wasn't feeling well. She was all dressed and ready to go except for brushing her hair. She must have been feeling extra good today because even though she never wants her hair messed with in the mornings she told him she wanted him to fix it like a princesses hair and give her ponytails. I asked her if she wanted two since she had said tails instead of tail and she said, "I want one... two... three... four!" as she counted it off on her fingers. Zaven hasn't got much experience with fixing fancy hairdos so he said, "I don't know how to do that, Zoe." She held up the hand she'd counted on and said, "Look at my hand. Four is this many."

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Tara said...

LOL, Zoe teaching Zaven to count, too cute.