Monday, June 15, 2009

The after party

After Caly's party I ended up taking Zaven to the emergency room. He'd been sick all week with a low grade fever and GI problems. The day before the party he broke out in hives. Benadryl seemed to help but after the party we noticed that the benadryl wasn't working as well and he had some welts on his face and lip. That's considered the danger zone, since if he gets them in his throat it can interfere with his breathing. So I had to take him in for a shot of steroids. Fortunately there was no line at all and we were in and out in less than a half hour. They think that the symptoms he's had all week were his body trying to deal with an allergen he'd had a heavy exposure to. Since everything in the state is blooming right now, it's kind of impossible to determine exactly what caused the reaction. But they have him on steroids plus three different types of over the counter antihistimines. He started feeling much better within hours. Which is handy since he left for Upward Bound the next morning.

Meanwhile Caly had a few of her friends spend the night after the party and I had one of my friends spend the night too. The girls went to the dive-in movie at the pool (a free monthly event) while my friend and I visited. We all stayed up way too late and as a result I pretty much crashed the next afternoon. Staying up late is no problem, but when you follow that by getting up early to change diapers, fill prescriptions, and take your son to his new dorm room.... So I slept the afternoon away. Today I'll be starting to clean up after the party. I was too exhausted to do it yesterday.

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She said...

Sounds like that nap was well deserved! I hope things settle down for you!