Friday, June 12, 2009

The cake and the presents

Caly's party is tomorrow. I'm not exactly ready... but I'm not freaking out either. I've got all the supplies and I did go ahead and buy t-shirts to give to the kids to decorate. They were on sale this week at Walgreens for $2 each plus the weather forecast is iffy. I don't want to invite them and then have it start storming and them all in the house with nothing to do. Caly gave out the invites at school without remembering to tell them to bring an old t-shirt, so I figured I'd rather spend the extra $30 to get them shirts than have the party suck. And I saved so much on Caly's presents at Penny's that I'm still OK on the budget.

Caly came home from her trip last night and she'd had a great time. I went ahead and gave her all her presents. Well... sort of. I'd bought her an mp3 player that had been on sale, some CD-R's to back up her music on, and the clothes. But it turns out that her grandma had given her a better mp3 player on her actual birthday. So I'm saving mine for Zoe. It's hot pink and will be a good present for her birthday. We spend a lot of time in the car and both she and Quinn are loud. So some tunes might be a great distraction that will keep her occupied and hopefully mean that she's not "playing" with him in a way that makes him scream his head off in frustration. I'd give him a player too but he's got pica. Pica is where you eat things that are non-food items. All babies do it, but they outgrow it. Quinn hasn't. What he has done is eat through the wires on at least two sets of earbuds. So no mp3 player for him until he at stops chewing the wires.

But I devolve. I was saying that I gave Caly her presents. She tried on the clothes and the dressy shirts fit perfectly, as did the tie-dyed skirts. The jeans are too loose and the t-shirt and tank tops are too tight. I'm hoping there are some left at the store and we can exchange them for the right size. If not, I'm saving them for Zoe. I may try to put tucks in the jeans for Caly, but they may be too big for that.

Meanwhile, I made her cake.

We'll be putting dry ice in the crater so that the volcano smokes, LOL. She loves it. The water is jello (with a few gummy fish) and it'll say Happy Birthday Caly around the edges. We got some candles at Hobby Lobby that have colored flames so she wants to put red ones down in the crater with the dry ice to make it look even more like lava. I'm just glad I didn't destroy it while working on it. I am NOT a good cook and even working with cake mixes and canned frosting I was pretty sure I'd ruin something. But so far, so good.

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Tara said...

The cake looks terrific, I hope the party is going as well : )
Happy Birthday Caly!