Thursday, July 16, 2009

Welcome to the Zoo! Zoo! Zoo!

This weekend is Zoe's birthday. We wanted to do a party before school let out, but we had to do Zaven's and Caly's parties so that didn't work out. Then we never got the list of phone numbers that her teacher had gotten together at the end of the school year. Since this was a crazily busy summer we've decided to wait for the party until school starts again. For those of you not in the southeastern US, that's not as far away as you think. Our school starts in mid August.

So, to mark the day... we are going to the zoo. It's supposed to be low to mid-70's and overcast, but no actual rain. A perfect zoo day. I promise lots of pictures.

Meanwhile, our phone was actually finally connected. It's the wrong phone number so they have to change it or we have to make a new sign. But after a year and a half we can now make phone calls.


Tara said...

Wow, for a minute I thought you were coming to my house. But anyway..

WooHoo on the phone and Happy Happy Birthday to Zoe!!!!

LuckyOnce said...

Congrats on the phone FINALLY being connected. You must be so exited!

Have fun at the zoo. ;)

Azaera said...

Wow August?? Here our schools start up around September 6th. But they go until the very end of June. Have fun at the zoo!!