Saturday, March 29, 2008

If Dick Cheney were president

Years ago, back when Bush and Cheney were running for office in 2000, Dick Cheney said the funniest and most presidential thing a man can say. Bush had just seen New York Times reporter Adam Clymer, and unaware that a nearby microphone was broadcasting their conversation, turned to Cheney and said that Clymer was a "major-league asshole." To which Cheney replied, "Oh yeah, big time."

And that, my friends, is the perfect thing for a president to say. Think about it.

"Mr. President, did you use drugs in college?"
"Oh yeah, big time."

"Mr. President, do you intend to raise taxes in the coming year?"
"Oh yeah, big time."

"Mr. President, are you really planning on bombing Denmark?"
"Oh yeah, big time."

"Mr. President, did you have sexual relations with that woman?"
"Oh yeah, big time."

"Mr. President, did you really just shoot a hunting buddy?"
"Oh yeah, big time."

And isn't that the most perfectly presidential response you've ever heard? Oh yeah, big time!


kath said...

This is a hilarious post!!!!

Love it.. and so true...

Maybe once someone declares their intent to run, they should be mic'ed at all times ? a 24 hour stream monitored b media and the public..

I suspect we would learn a bit about them all

Tara said...


Karen said...

Oh yeah, big time!