Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter pictures

Just started looking through the Easter pictures and this one of the girls goofing off was my favorite. I'd bought them matching dresses, which I'd wanted to do since Zoe was born, and I was trying to get them to pose for a picture. I was going for a pose with the skirts of their matching dresses swirled sweetly around them and angelic smiles on their faces. But somehow I forget that they like each other. So they started playing and this is what I got. All you can see of poor Caly is the crinkle she gets on her nose when she laughs. But I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I tried to get the boys into the picture, too. Zaven was trying his best, sitting quietly and not sticking his tongue out, but Quinn wouldn't even come sit with them. He didn't want a bit of it. If they grabbed him up and tried to put him in the picture, he's just start crying. So we just let him wander around.

While I was trying to take pictures he found the Easter basket remains and was working hard to eat every crumb of animal crackers he could find, and when he finished with those he just started eating the box.

I've got a great video of him biting little shreds of the box off, spitting them out, then checking to see if there were more crackers in it. Nope, no crackers. Takes another bite of box, spits it out and checks again. When he was done there was nothing left but a pile of cardboard scraps and the string that had been the handle.

It did snow on Easter, but this picture of Quinn with the dog is from a few weeks ago. I'd not downloaded the pictures for about a month, so it was a nice surprise to see this one. Scott took it and I had no idea it was there until it popped up on my computer screen. Quinn is the only one of my kids who plays with the dog. The other ones love her, but get kinda overwhelmed because she jumps up on them. I kinda think they may be cat people more than dog people. That's OK though, because we've only got one dog, but have about 7 cats. Quinn likes the cats, too, but he really likes Mattie. He just looks at her with such amazement, like she's the coolest thing he's ever seen. Maybe she is.


Tara said...

You have a beautiful family! That picture was way better than a boring pose, and I love the one of your son with the animal crackers.

Karen said...

Thank you! I always thought they were gorgeous, but I'm a little biased. Actually, I tend to think all happy kids are beautiful. But mine can sure look ugly when they're angry!

kath said...

beautiful family! two legged and four legged as well....