Friday, March 28, 2008

The sky is falling

We had some storm damage to our roof last week, and the section over the bathroom and kitchen had the shingles ripped right off. Since this happened during a series of storms and heavy rains that lasted a few days, we got inside damage, too, and now there's a hole in our bathroom ceiling.

This isn't quite as bad as it sounds. You see, back when we first got married Scott had to reshingle that section of roof. It was an addition to the house and somehow that part was in a lot worse shape than all the rest. Since we couldn't afford to do the whole roof, and that part doesn't really show from the front of the house or the road, we just reshingled it and left the rest. Then a few years later we started the never-ending roofing process for real. We got some beautiful metal to put on, hired a team to do the work... and then another team, and another. Somehow nobody wanted to stay on the job when they realized that Scott was going to get up on the roof with them and make sure they did it right.

Eventually we got most of the roof on, but not the section over the bathroom because that was sound and freshly reshingled and even though it didn't match, it didn't show. So last week's storm only ripped out the part of our roof that was going to eventually be covered up anyway. And that hole in the bathroom ceiling? Right over the tub. It'll be a pain to fix, we can't use the shower, and right now the mildew smell coming out of it is awful. But no rain damage to the floor. If you have to have a leaking hole in your ceiling, over the tub is an awfully convenient place.

So we called the insurance people, and they sent a nice lady out to come and take pictures. Zoe must have overheard that she was coming for that reason, because when she got here Zoe looked up at her and said, "Hello. The sky is falling."

The woman looked a little surprised but took it in stride and said, "Really? The sky is falling?"

"Yes," Zoe told her. "The sky in the bathroom is falling down and you need to come take a picture of it." Then Zoe gently took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom and showed her where the sky had fallen in. It was so sweet and innocent that it somehow didn't seem real. Who is this sweet child, and what have you done with MY kid?

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Tara said...

A leaky roof right over the bathtub? I would never get that lucky, lol. You are right- that is the place to have it.