Saturday, April 11, 2009

Life sucks.

OK, maybe not. But it feels that way today. And Quinn just poured a bottle of maple syrup into the recliner. And YES, I saw him before he did it. And YES, I took the bottle away and told Caly to take it to the kitchen and put it away. And YES, she did take it to the kitchen. But NO, she did not put it away. She put it on the counter. On the edge of the counter. Where he could see it. And reach it.


Zoe's second preschool home visit is in 5 and a half days. My house was already trashed and I was already exhausted. I am thinking of running away and joining a circus. I could be the fat lady.


kath said...

preschool home visits? Baffling.

syrup in the recliner? seriously? yuck! How does one clean that up anyway? ( thoughts of a cleansing bonfire entire my mind)

Happy Easter to you and yours.. take care :)

Tara said...

I'll run away with you. Good luck with the syrup. I almost wish we had home visits, we have to go there instead. It's nice I don't have to clean up and stress but it's a pain to go. Although just knowing Saige I look like a good mom with a great kid, if they got a glimpse of destructo boy they might think differently, lol.

She said...

Don't you have to have a beard for that? :)

Good luck with the syrup. That sounds ummm... messy. (Do you have a coupon to get more?) :)

Karen said...

LOL! I suppose I could just let my facial hair grow. I'm not quite to the full beard stage, but my mediterainean heritage means it's not far off.

I'm thinking I'll bring out the steam-vac tomorrow. I got the stuff on the surface wiped up, but it kind of soaked in and I know I'll get ants if I don't deal with it.