Monday, April 20, 2009

A post from my deathcomputer.

It can't be a post from my deathbed since I'm not actually in bed. Isn't it nice that I have a deathcomputer? It'll be handy for when I die from this monster cold I have, which I expect will be soon.

Actually I'm exagerating. I'm not nearly as sick today as I was this time yesterday. Day before yesterday I was a little stuffed up in the evening. I figured it was my allergies acting up because of the dust I'd kicked up while cleaning the house for the home visit. In general, if I dust, I get a runny nose. But yesterday morning I woke up with it much worse. And as the day went on, I got a LOT worse, and fast. In complete honesty, if I thought that a doctor would check me into the hospital, I would have gone to the ER. I never even visit the doctor for a cold and I was trying to figure out how to get them to admit me to a hospital. Over the course of 6 hours I went from having a runny nose to having a high fever, chills, sore throat, and a nose that dripped so badly that I had to hold a towel under it. Not a washcloth. A bath towel. I tried a washcloth. I was dripping too much for that. I was taking a prescription level dose of ibuprofen and couldn't get my fever down. And really, if I had been in poor health (like if I had cancer or was an old lady), I think it would have killed me. I kid you not.

Fortunately, it passed as quickly as it came. I'm in the endstages now. Just tired and my head feels funny. I suppose that makes me lucky. I survived and am going to be fine. But I don't feel lucky. I feel like shit. Maybe tomorrow I'll post a real post. But I'm still calling my computer a death computer.

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Tara said...

Feel better!!

I have to dust every other day, if I don't Saige and I both suffer.