Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today's crappy news.

Despite yesterday's news that Scott got a perfect score on his evaluation, his principal asked to speak to him after school and told him that due to budget cuts they won't have a position for him next year. Crap, crap, and crap. I'm not only bummed that he won't have a job and we won't have money, I'm pissed that he had to tell us today and we didn't even really have a chance to celebrate the good news about the evaluation. He could have waited until Monday. We were gonna go out to dinner this weekend just the two of us. The principal said he'd hire him if there was money but he won't know until the state approves the budget changes, which will be at the end of June.

I'm not sure what this means long term. All the public schools are having budget problems because of the economy. The crash in real estate values and the unemployment rate means the tax base is down and the state isn't able to make their budget. Private schools and even colleges are hurting, too. So maybe Scott won't teach next year. He does have a car business ready to go, which is what he was gonna do before he got offered this job, but again... crappy economy means crappy sales.

Meanwhile, we get paid through the summer and he already has a job teaching with a summer program so we'll be getting double pay for two months. Then who knows?


Tara said...

Stay positive Karen. Things will look up, good things do happen for good people who wait and you guys deserve it.

Karen said...

Thanks, Tara. I needed that.