Friday, April 17, 2009

The shameless ploy.

Just a quick update. I stayed up and got the living room clean and when I got up I found that Scott had put the play house back where it belonged. The visit went well, in large part because I put the box of kittens in the living room. My excuse is that I didn't have a fire in today, and I had put the space heater in the living room because that's where the kids spend most of the morning. All their toys are in there and so is the TV. But in reality I put the kittens in the living room in an attempt to distract Zoe's teacher from looking anywhere but at the newborn kittens. It mostly worked and thus she did not really look at the stuff that didn't get cleaned.

Now I just have to call my mom and make arrangements for tomorrow.


Tara said...

Glad it went well, I would have done the same with the kittens, lol.

kath said...

Kittens eh? Genius, you know..

Thank you for looking online for any info for my friend... I did that too, but nothing I found looked terribly helpful. But you never know what someone elses combination of words will get you ! I appreciate your trouble . Julie has all sort of phone calls out and more to make.. Terrible horrible situation..

Glad that insane visit is over,

take care