Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to us.

Today was my birthday. I went to a movie and then came home and took a nap. Very, very pleasant day to nap. It was just the right temperature and the house had that quiet hum where there are people in it, but they're all doing their own thing. Zaven babysat for Scott and I while we went out and while I napped. (Thank you, Zaven.) And we ordered a pizza for dinner and had cake. The cake was a lot of fun because Quinn knew immediately what it was and tried to raid it. First he found the box it was in and (realizing that the "lid" was on the bottom) turned it over to try to open it. We took it away and after we'd all had some pizza we served the cake. Caly put a few candles on it and everyone sang. And while they sang, Quinn stood on tiptoes trying to snag some frosting. Finally we cut and served the cake. Quinn ignored the small piece we'd cut for him and instead took his fork and started eating directly from the cake tray. I let him. He was so cute and also very calm and relaxed and mannerly. He used silverware. He never uses silverware. But he used his fork the whole time. And he took tiny little bites and ate quite slowly and leisurely.

We had a very good weekend. Yesterday I took Caly, Zoe, and Quinn to Lexington for the day. Zaven had an Upward Bound reunion and a concert so he was busy for the whole day. Scott had a ton of work, so I wanted to keep the babies out of his hair. We went to Toys R Us for the free Thomas the Tank Engine toys they were giving away. I had a few rewards cards from them so I got to spend about $30 and got about $115 worth of stuff. Then we got ice cream cones and went to the park. Caly watched Zoe and played with her while I tried to keep up with Quinn. The climbing structures have all these narrow passageways that are great fun for a kid and a little awkward for an adult. But the whole thing is made so that you can look through it from the outside and see what your kid is up to. So I just had to navigate the dozens of kids and duck under and around the bridges and ladders and slides to keep up with Quinn. It wasn't exactly easy, but it wasn't so bad. The weather was gorgeous and the kids were so happy.

Quinn rode on a regular swing all by himself and did a great job. He was a natural. And right before we left the girls wanted to try the zip line. They both tried it and had fun and Quinn went nuts trying to climb up my leg for his turn. I lifted him up figuring he wouldn't know to hold on, or if he did he wouldn't be able to hold on. Nope. I was dead wrong. We had to pry his fingers off to get him to let go when his turn was done. I'll have to take him back soon. Our local park doesn't have one and he loved it SO much.

I took a ton of pics on my cell phone but I can't figure out how to get them off, LOL. I'm not even going to really try yet anyway since I'm getting ready to build a new computer. I was going to start on that project today, but the nap was too comfy. I suppose I'll do it tomorrow.


Tara said...

Happy Birthday Karen! Happy Anniversary too! I love the park structures, they sure beat McDonalds. I don;t like McDonalds but the kids sure love the playland. I have avoided them since getting kicked out last time, lol. The little boy I had with me got stuck in the top screaming like a banshee and I had to go get him. They came and yelled at me that adult were not allowed in and booted us out. I suppose I could have left him there hysterical but....
Still no comment button, but I love your new colors and I've done it enough that I can find it, lol.

Karen said...

Our McDonalds is good about letting moms go in and get kids who won't come out on their own. But I like the park better, too.

I'll try changing the color of the comment button to see if it shows up for you.

kath said...

Happy Birthday!

It sounds as if it was a really nice day all around for you :)

Thanks for the kind words, lol

turns out the S.I.L has ( maybe) a minor problem with one disk, as per the mri.

what a drama queen. :P