Tuesday, March 24, 2009

OK. Let's start over.

I think I want to rewind. Today and yesterday were sorry-assed days. They should have been good. Today is Scott's birthday and yesterday was our anniversary. But they were sorry, sorry days. Most of it was just the regular stuff that goes wrong. The kitchen faucet is in pieces because Scott had finally gotten around to trying to replace it. The old faucet was very messed up. It had a perpetual drip in the hot water that finally ended with us just taking the knob off that side so no one could use the hot water. It was not a good thing, but it stopped the drip. So for my birthday Scott had bought a new faucet. Only when we opened the box, pieces were missing. We discovered this after he'd removed the old faucet. So I went from only cold water to no water at all. The replacement part was sent for, and it finally came, but Scott's in the middle of a major (or rather THE major) evaluation for his teaching job. So he hasn't got time to work on the faucet and won't for a week or two.

Yesterday I went with Scott to his school in the evening. He had some paperwork to get done before the big eval but I didn't want to not spend any time with him on our anniversary. So I grabbed a magazine and went with him. It should have taken an hour. It took 5. All the copiers in the building quit working. We could get out one or two copies then it would have to be restarted. The restart takes 4 minutes. He needed 115 copies so that each student could have one. It wouldn't have been so bad except he HAD to have them. And the stress of the machines picking that moment to fail was freaking him out.

Then today I got in a fight with Zoe. I'd rented her some movies this week. I even bought her two. I rarely rent movies, even with the free redbox codes, because we forget to take them back. I only rent if I'm sure we can watch it that night. And I haven't outright bought a new movie in months. I maybe buy 3 a year. So buying two in the same night and renting another two days later should have been a major treat. I even let her watch a lot more TV than I should because she was having such a good time. So today when we went to return the rental she threw a major fit. I usually deal well with fits. But I didn't deal well. I got madder as she got louder. It ended in a spanking and her going to bed early. She needed the bedtime. She fell asleep immediately and I know that her being sleepy is a big factor in how well behaved she is. I just hate that today has been high stress.

And I have a huge cold sore this week. I can't even give my beloved a birthday kiss. Not that he wants one tonight. *** skip ahead a paragraph if you're squeamish*** Because earlier in the evening I pulled out a bag of chips that I'd opened the other day. I wanted to have a few more before they got stale. I unrolled the open end and started munching. Then about 5 minutes later I looked down and noticed that there was a hole in one side of the bag. A rough edged hole. A hole chewed by a mouse. EWWW! I'd been eating chips from a bag a mouse had been in. I can't write more because thinking of it is making me sick. And I can't puke. I'm not someone who can gag herself or even who pukes much when she's sick. I would if I could tonight, though.

So that was the last two days. I'm thinking that in a few weeks, once the evaluation is over and things are a bit calmer, I will try to take Scott out to make up for the past two days. He should have a nice birthday. And maybe by then I won't feel like puking.