Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The latest editions.

I woke up to these guys this morning. There are five kittens. Two grey, three black like their momma. They seem to all be doing well. So is their momma, Lollipop, despite how pissed she looks in that picture.

BTW, I promised She that I'd teach her how to become a coupon queen. And I will, but probably not until next week. The kids are on spring break this week, plus I want a chance to write it down and read it over before I publish it. I know how confusing it all was to me when I started so I want to be sure that I make it as simple and clear as possible. But I'm thinking I'll post it within the week. I should have a chance to write it Monday and review it and post it Tuesday or Wednesday.


Azaera said...

AWWWW So cute!!!!

She said...

Yay kittens!

I feel so special... Honorable mention! Haha.