Thursday, March 26, 2009

The other Addams child

Zoe has a friendly fascination with death. Earlier in the week Caly was singing Bohemian Rhapsody. "Mama, oooooh, I don't want to die!" To which Zoe happily replied. "Don't worry, Caly. You'll die one day!"

You think this was perhaps a mistake or a misunderstanding. No. She likes death. She couldn't wait to shovel dirt on Caly's kitten that died last year. And her favorite thing about our goldfish is their high mortality rate. She gets so excited to see one floating. She begs to be the one to scoop it out and flush it. In fact, she's now deeply depressed that almost all the fish we bought last week are dead. All the goldfish died so there aren't any more to flush. And the algae eater is still alive and seems healthy. That rat bastard. He won't give up the ghost, even to make a four year old happy.

She also likes shots. Not to get, mind you. She's crazy but not that crazy. She just likes watching the rest of us get shots. She goes with us when Zaven and I get allergy shots and she's enthralled with the whole process. Caly thinks she'll work as a CSI or a coroner when she grows up so that she can combine her love of the dead with her desire to poke people with needles. As long as she doesn't try it before she leaves home I'll be happy.

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Tara said...

I am wiping the soda of my screen. LMAO