Friday, March 6, 2009

Mr. Magnanimous

I have pets. One dog and something on the order of 18 cats. I can't ever be sure because I only intended to have 4 or 5 cats but they had babies and grandbabies. I give kittens away right and left but I can never catch them all before they're too big to give away and I can never afford to get them all fixed and (blushing here) I feed any stray that shows up. But out of all those cats, 4 or 5 are tame, loving, and very affectionate. Those ones are our pets. The rest are just in it for the food. Being as I also have allergies, all the cats and the dog live outside.

This morning I was loading up the dishwasher when a cat streaked through the kitchen. Then another one went by. I know that Zoe and Quinn will occasionally let in one of the pet cats to love on, so I assumed that's what was going on. But since my allergies don't care how nice the cat is, I decided I'd better put a stop to the fun and tell the kids that the cats had to go back out. So I headed to the living room.

When I got there, the room was covered in cats (at least 6) and even the dog was inside. Quinn meanwhile was hanging onto the screendoor handle, leaning out the open doorway at a 45 degree angle, calling loudly, "Come in! Come in! Come on in!"

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Tara said...

Did you tell him that letting mommy know when you have house guests was the proper procedure? LOL But hey at least you got a break from the dishes. Break out some of the free allergy meds!