Thursday, March 26, 2009

Photo Tag

My new friend Azaera just photo tagged me. I'm supposed to open the sixth folder in my pictures, post the sixth picture in that folder, and tell a little about what it is and why I took it. Then I'm supposed to tag 4 other bloggers. So when I opened the sixth file, I found subfiles as well as pictures. The sixth picture not in a subfile was this one.
Scott took this picture when we were visiting his sister in Virginia Beach. She and her husband are both retired Navy and when we saw this thing approaching they and Scott got very excited. Apparently there was some kind of hovercraft that can carry 100 tons on land or water and it can go 70 mph on land (I have no idea how fast on water). Anyhow this is the ship that deployed it and we saw it zoom out of the ship and next thing you know it's up on the sand down the beach and making for the road. It was really impressive, even though this picture is not.

Now since I had all those subfolders, I decided to look in the first one (since those pictures were taken before the trip to Virginia) and see what the sixth picture in that file was. I found this picture:
This is from Caly's birthday party. Every year she has a "Messy Party" and the favorite part for everyone is that all guests get a can of shaving cream to decorate their friends with. They give each others mohawks and beards and scream and laugh and have a great time. It's super cheap but a real blast.
Now let's see. Who shoud I tag? I think Chelle, Tara, Erin, and Pearly.


Tara said...

okay, but I am almost afraid to know what the 6th picture is in the 6th folder. I can't take a good picture to save my life so I guess it can't be any worse than the rest.

Azaera said...

Wow that's a cute picture (the girls not the hovercraft, though I guess the hovercraft could be cute if you're into that sort of thing.. but I digress) I want a messy party too! It sounds like fun.

Karen said...

If you have a summer birthday, or just a summer party, it's the easiest, cheapest party ever. Every kid gets a can of shaving cream. That's a buck each. The cake is served with no forks so they have to get messy eating that, too. Plus you don't have to buy plastic forks, LOL. Hose everyone off after they're done. Just be sure to have them bring towels and a change of clothes.

Wait until Skyler is old enough that his friends won't freak out if it gets in their eyes and sting, plus have a bucket of water and a stack of washclothes on hand for when it happens.