Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ok. Nothings really wrong. I just felt like saying "Ack!". Life is going OK this week. I'm trying to cut back on my caffiene so I feel like I'm in slow motion. But I'm adjusting.

There's been lots of gossip at Scott's school about who will be back next year. The school layed off all non-tenured employees for the next school year. Everyone is hoping the budget will be larger than they thought and that most of them will be hired back. Of course, no one really knows what will happen. Meanwhile I'm trying to get our finances ready for a budget crunch. We had several unexpected expenses this month and if we didn't have Scott's summer job coming up soon I'd be freaking out. He'll be getting double paychecks in a couple of months: his paycheck from school since they're on a 12 month pay schedule even though he only works there 9 months out of the year, and a second check from his summer teaching job at Upward Bound. That means I'll be paying off the money I had to put on a credit card in April. I don't normally carry a balance. I've been there and I know for a fact how hard it is to pay off a debt when the interest is so high and the fines and fees are even worse. But last month we had a water bill that was $500 higher than it should have been. The only way to pay it and still eat that month was to use a credit card. And then we had a few other unexpected expenses... so we charged them all. I'll be able to pay it off in June. Maybe even before then if I'm careful. But I am SO happy to know that it'll be June at the latest. And I'm even happier to know that we'll be putting the vast majority of those extra paychecks into our savings account. Having extra toothpaste and toilet paper in the closet is good, but nothing beats having extra money in the bank. My water company doesn't take toothpaste as payment.


She said...

Love the last line. :) Good luck with the budget crunch. I was lucky enough to be able to save a lot of money before T and I got married, but it's been a struggle to stay afloat on only one income since I stopped working after D was born. I really get it. Good luck!!

Tara said...

Glad it's been a good week. Congrats on the caffeine cutback. I keep saying I am going to, but I am afraid it's the only thing keeping me alive at this point, lol. If only I could trade toiletries for services.... :)