Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zoe's pictures

Several months ago, Zoe and I had a fight. She'd woken up early and tried to get me to get up and turn on the TV. I was sick and told her to go back to bed. She didn't and she ended up hitting me in the face to try to wake me up. I woke up very, very pissed and I spanked her and yelled at her. I hardly ever do either but I was not a happy person at that moment. Anyhow she ran off crying and yelling and stomped up the stairs. She came back a few minutes later with two pictures. "This is you! This is what you did to me!" she yelled as she held up this picture.

Then she held up the second picture. "This is me! This is how you made me feel!"

I took one look at that angry uni-brow she gave me and wanted to laugh. But I didn't. It was funny, but I was really impressed at how well she expressed her emotions. I hugged her and we talked for a while about why I'd been so angry. Then she left the room and went back upstair. A few minutes later she came back with the pictures. On the back of each picture she'd drawn a new picture. "This is you. I love you."

"This is me. And this is how I feel now."


Tara said...

Do you streak when you're happy? LOL That's adorable, I totally recognized you with the angry uni-brow.

Azaera said...

That's too cute.

Karen said...

Yes, Tara. I always take off all my clothes when I'm happy. I noticed that, too. I had such a hard time keeping a straight face.