Monday, May 11, 2009

This week at Rite Aid

They have pop-tarts on sale. No, they aren't free, which is why I thought you might not notice them on your own. But they're on sale 2 for $3, and not long ago the papers had coupons for $1 off 2. That make them $1 a box. And on a lot of the boxes are tokens that you can collect and send in for a free movie ticket. 5 tokens = 1 movie ticket, and you can send off for up to 5 tickets. Sure, you may not need 25 boxes of poptarts, but they freeze. And that makes it $5.44 (counting your stamp) for an adult movie ticket and five boxes of pop-tarts. Heck, maybe you can sneak the pop-tarts into the theatre to have instead of pop-corn.

They also have the new KY jelly on sale (the one that's supposed to intensify a woman's orgasms), plus there's a rebate and a recent coupon. Hmmm. All we need is a nice dinner before the movie and date night is looking pretty good.


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hehe cool. too bad I don't live in the states. O