Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A sales pitch, just for you.

I signed up a few weeks ago with a site that lets me advertise directly from my blog. I post their banners and ads, and if you guys click on them I get a little money. I chose this site because I get to weed out the stuff that I don't like so that I'm not just spamming my friends. But who knew they'd send offers almost every day? By the time I got around to looking through my e-mail there were so many from them that I didn't even open them. Too overwhelming. But yesterday I worked up my nerve and started opening them. And now I'm bummed that I didn't do it sooner. Sure, some of them are spam you guys could live without. But there were also a few cool offers that you might have liked. Links to coupons and freebies. Oh well. Live and learn.

That being said, you can expect to find the occasional link to other sites here. Don't feel obligated to follow them. I can live without the 65 cents. But if you do find one you like and click on it, then thanks! And I'm glad I found something you could use. And here's the first one (that I didn't screw up and let expire) that I thought you'd like. It's the Dinner Made Easy newsletter from General Mills. Sign up for recipes and coupons. Enjoy.


Azaera said...

haha i click on that and it says "not available in your area" like muahaha stupid canadian. lol. sorry got the baby on my lap, can't type.

Karen said...

Oh no! Well, I'll have to look for ones that work in Canada, too.

She said...

I'm already signed up for that one, but if you have any that I'm not signed up for I'll definitely do it. :)